Creator mode is a new LinkedIn function rolled out to all users this year. It’s mainly intended for those who are actively sharing content on the platform. If that’s not you at the moment, don’t get discouraged! Recruiters can really benefit from being active LinkedIn users, but you may benefit from creator mode even if you don’t share content on a regular basis.

How do you turn creator mode on?

Start by going to your profile and moving down to the resources section. It’s right under the section of your profile with your picture and headline in it. If your LinkedIn is set to a different language, it may be named differently, but it will look the same.

The resources section on your profile is where you turn creator mode on.

The resources section on your profile is where you turn creator mode on.

When you turn the creator mode on, LinkedIn will ask you to choose up to 5 topics that you want to be associated with by your target audience. Don’t worry too much about choosing the wrong one, you can always adjust this later on. You will also be able to check what other creator tools are available to you (more on these in the last section of this blog).

Creator hub is where you can manage the functions of creator mode.
After clicking on creator mode you will open the creator hub.

The topics you choose will be visible in the main section of your profile, right under your headline. This is great when you’re building your recruiter brand as you will be instantly signaling your areas of expertise.

When choosing the topics you will be focusing on, don’t forget about the needs of your target audience. Since my target audience are recruiters, I focus on topics they would like to lean more about. If you’re hiring in IT, in marketing or sales, those areas will be of more interest to your audience than recruiting itself. After all, you’re trying to attract all relevant professionals to your profile and not just those who are acticely looking for a job.

Of course that doesn’t mean you can’t talk about recruiting or share job search tips at all. Just remember about the right proportions – it shouldn’t be more than 20-30% of what you share.

What are the benefits of creator mode for recruiters?

One of the benefits of creator mode is being able to build your network in a more deliberate way. When visiting your profile, other users will now be encouraged to follow you rather than connect with you. They can still send you an invitation by clicking on the more button, but realistically not everyone will know it’s an option.

This can have a positive effect on your network. People you don’t necessarily want to connect with will still be able to follow your updates. You can also choose to invite your followers to connect – they are much more likely to accept, since they already expressed interest in you.

When you turn creator mode on the connect button will be replaced by the follow button

This way creator mode can help you increase your audience without using up the limit of 30 000 connections you can have on LinkedIn. This number may seem high to you at the moment, but maintaining your activity on LinkedIn over a year or two, you’ll see yourself getting way closer to the limit.

Another benefit from activating creator mode is being able to display a link of your choosing under your headline. You can describe the link any way you want, but you only have 30 characters to do so. It’s a great place to display the link to your career page.

I chose to share a link to our recently published book on my profile, but as you’ll notice, I described it as start your sourcing journey

You can go a step further here and shorten the link with a tool like – this will allow you to track how many people clicked on the link.

Finally, by using this new function you will change the look of your activity section. For regular users, it displays any activity including likes, comments and posts shared on the platform. If you’re one of Linkedin’s creators, this section will only feature the content you share.

It’s clear that the creator mode brings most benefits to those who actively publish on the platform. But as you see, it’s not absolutely necessary to start seeing a positive effect. That being said, our definition of sourcing involves publishing content of interest to the professionals you are regularly looking for and we would strongly encourage you to try this for yourself.

Additional tools for creators

In the creator hub available after turning creator mode on, you will also be able to check what additional creator tools are available to you. You can use most of them after reaching a certain number of followers (currently set at 150) and publishing some content that is verified and approved by LinkedIn.

Additional tools available after turning on creator mode
Here are the additional tools you can use as a LinedIn creator

I hope you will see the clear benefits that LinkedIn offers to recruiters using creator mode. While this may not be something you choose to do long term, it’s certainly an interesting experiment to run!

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